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The new generation of PRO is a high-intensity Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy device manufactured in the USA. The clinical-grade model emits up to 12440 Gauss of power (1.24 Tesla). The high power magnetic energy enhances and speeds up your recovery.



The Portable produces pulses of high intensity magnetic energy. The durable and rugged enclosure with wheels allow mobility and flexiblity of treatment in both indoor and outdoor locations. It is ideal for professionals in equestrian and athletic fields.


The Pro Tote is a high powered PEMF therapy device in a convenient portable hard case. The electronics of these devices are the same as those in the Pro and Portable. It will produce the same results.


The Duo is newly designed with a membrane switch and features a dual coil output system. This PEMF device can be used with one applicator or two applicators at a time to treat two different areas at once. Aside from the 5 and 10 minute individual treatment programs, the Duo offers two options: "Simultaneous" to synchronize the pulses in both applicators or "Alternate" to have independent settings for each applicator.


The Duo Tote features the same electronics as the Duo in a compact and portable design with a hard case. It also offers two options, "Simltaneous" and "Alternate" to synchronize the applicators or use them independently.


The Clinic is a mid powered PEMF therapy device that produces pulses up to 5410 Gauss in power. This model is used in numerous clinics and hospitals around the world but is especialy popular for individual use at home. This device is recommended to stimulate general health and recuperation.


The Clinic Tote is our newly designed mid powered PEMF therapy device. The hard case is ideal for athletes, individuals, or doctors that require portability. Clinic Tote helps recuperation from injuries, wounds, degenerative diseases while stimulating general health.


The Regenetron is our newest PEMF therapy device featuring brainwave entertainment in conjunction with low-intenity PEMF therapy. The Regenetron emits brainwave frequencies that influence the brain with either Delta frequencies for enhanced and deep sleep of transcendental meditation, Theta frequencies for deep relaxation and enhanced creativity, Alpha frequencies for light meditation and visualization, Beta frequencies for a state of alertness, focus and concentration, or Gamma frequencies for increased brain activity and insights.