A Revolutionary Advancement in PEMF Therapy

The Regenetron™ is completely different from all other PEMF machines with advanced technology. Other low magnetic output machines only deliver one frequency at a time in each program. Both of our low magnetic output machines, the Regenetron™ and the Regenetron PRO™, have two complete separate machines inside. One of the machines delivers the primary treatment frequency and the other delivers a sweep of frequencies. This technology provides a much more effective treatment than every other competing PEMF machine.

Each PEMF manufacturer has its own theories about with frequency is most effective, how much magnetic energy is optimum, which waveform is best and how long the treatment should be.

These theories are not substantiated by any medical studies. Not a single manufacturer has ever done any actual research to determine any of these parameters. Regenetron™ is conducting medical studies to determine which of these parameters will provide the best results for healing and wellness.

Every other PEMF device on the market has controls that are factory preset and unchangeable. Except the Regenetron™, that is! All Regenetron™ models are fully programmable and can be modified by the factory.